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Item Name : Canon RF SEIKI-KOGAKU J with Letana Anastigmat 5cm f3.5
Serial no. : 8552,10476
Reference : Extremely Rare !!!,even though approximately 525 Canon J-II cameras had been produced base on serial no. range, but not all the no. in between was use,It seems that no more than 60+ J-II units were produced,this one with very nice chrome finish(1945-46 period chrome plate finish usually very bad, not good as before or after models),no slow speed hole versoion & cover by dark hard paper cover(lack of leather during that time,most J,J-II can survive by today was replaced with later model leather cover or with incomplete paper cover because paper cover very fragile. Letana Anastigmat 50mm f3.5 was intended for the Leotax Leica-style rangefinder camera developed by Showa Kōgaku Seiki K.K. and was produced at about the same time as the Canon J-II. This uniqueLetana Anastigmat was modified to Canon J mount, made it extremely rare because most Canon J-II models sold sold with Nikkor 5cm f3.5 lens
Description : all speed working except 1/20 sec. sticky, haze inside finder,2nd curtain with slight wrinkle,Letana Anastigmat 5cm f3.5 with very very faint cleaning marks,no haze
Remark :
Cosmetic Condition : EX+++(chrome finish very nice,only some missing hard paper cover)
Price : $