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Item Name : LAACK Anastigmat Cine-Polyxentar 25mm f1.3 C mount
Serial no. : 266574
Reference : guess this is the fastest pre war cine lens ever made, it is a unique Laack design, not a copy of a Taylor Hobson, Plasmat or Biogon design. It has its own patent, engraved with D.R.P.a. means "Deutsches Reich Patent angemeldet" Made of six elements but I don´t know how much groups are in use, guess four but may be less because Laack described the lens as a very low reflexion lens with full corrigated comatic and chromatic foulds also the spharo-cromatic foulds. Angle of view 40° !!! Resolution is 5/1000mm means it separates two lines in a distance of 1/200mm! The Meyer Kino Plasmat never reach this. found this dates in the Laack cataloque . The Polyxentar were a direct answer to the Kino Plasmat from Meyer but it never goes to be so famous because Laack were only one of the smallest lens makers in Germany with a very small budget for commercials. The lens were exorbitant expensive and so it is mega rare, saw only 3 of it in my whole lifetime, both of it with impirial engravings, means inch scales and focus lens is 1 Inch and not 25mm. The reason is that no one in Germany or central Europe were able to buy this lens and so they go in the export to the USA or England. The lens has a very large angle of view of 40° that´s enough to cover the whole sensor of the Micro 4/3 sensor, it covers it in all modes and all apertures. At full open it shows very high sharpness in the middle and moderate  to the corners, when stopped down it goes sharper and sharper.Kino Plasmat 1" F1,5 also but the Meyer lens didn´t reach the quality of this Polyxentar.
Glass Description : very very faint cleaning marks ,no haze
Remark : W/Hood,Caps
Cosmetic Condition : M-
Price : $