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hkItem Name : Leica Grey IIIC K “Dark Red K Stamp” with 5cm f2 Coated Summitar
Serial no. : 389755,584630
Description : Extremely Rare ”Dark Red K” stamp on curtain, only around 3-4% of K camera with red stamp instead of white stamp,Very Nice Grey Paint finish,100% original,even screws never been open, grey vulcanite slight cracks on lower part on back,two 3mm vulcanite missing on edge,all speed working,finder clean,RF working with contrast,coated summitar with cleaning marks, couple balsam separation spots inside rear group element
Remark : W/Black Cold Weather Case(Extremely Rare with cotton liner special for cold weather use, stitches on front nose loose),Grey Cap(Extremely Rare !!)
Cosmetic Condition : EX+++
Price : $