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Item Name : Leitz 50mm f3.5 Anastigmat Prototype
Serial no. :
Reference : Extremely Rare Unknown Anastigmat version !!!,similar to black anastigmat on Leica 0 but in nickel finish(with minimum f12 & & sharp edge focusing ring),not the regular Leica I Anastigmat one with f18,it’s similar photo show in Paul Hasbroeck Leica A History (page 29),front rim pattern with “straight line” different with regular Leica 0 & Anastigmat one,front letter engraving much thinner too and with “=“ between Leitz & Anastigmat
Glass Description : faint cleaning marks, faint haze,one flower spot balsam separation inside rear group element
Remark : W/Cap(extremely rare 1st version cap for Leica 1 anastigmat)
Cosmetic Condition : EX+(slight dent on back of front rim)
Price :