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Item Name : Carl Zeiss Jena 95mm f18 Anastigmat-Weitwinkel Brass Lens
Serial no. : 63
Reference : Date 1890,Museum Piece,no.63 lens produced by Carl Zeiss Jena,Patent Angemeldet,cover 8x10in,very unique optical design with very small & only slight curve front element against with big & huge curve rear element, didn’t look like the original Anastigmat design start in 1890, never seen this design on later regular production, should be Prototype,very important historical piece,so far the earliest known no. as follow No.14,36,78(but these all are standard anastigmat optical design)
Description : no cleaning mark or haze,one very very faint 2mm balsam separation spot on edge of rear group element
Remark : W/Flange,Front Cap
Cosmetic Condition : EX++
Price :