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hkItem Name : Konishiroku Hexanon 50mm f1.9 Leica SM Prototype
Serial no. : CX3012
Reference : Prototype !!!,special serial no. CX3012(regular production from 3121xxx to the 3124xxx range., totally different finish & structure compare to regular production, reverse aperture scale index, filter size 39.5mm instead of 40.5mm,Meter scale instead of Feet,all aperture positions engraved on depth-of-field scale
Reference from Konishiroku website : according “ “ .Lens numbers for the 50mm f/1.9 in Leica mount have seven digits and are known from the 3121xxx to the 3124xxx range.The early examples of the lens have a different barrel, with a dual row of mills on the focusing ring, and different depth-of-field indications. One is perhaps a prototype, engraved in metres, with three rows of mills of an equal width (two on the focus ring and one on the aperture ring), and all the aperture positions engraved on the depth-of-field scale.Another is perhaps typical of the early production, with a larger milled row on the aperture ring, and some numbers omitted from the depth-of-field scale.but don’t have photos show it.
Glass Description : some light scratches on front element included two 1mm deeper scratches, no haze
Remark :
Cosmetic Condition : M-
Price : $