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Item Name : Extremely Early Hasselblad 1600F 0-Serie Production
Serial no. : 0025,0151,EI110
Reference : Museum Piece !!!,Extremely Rare !!!, Extremely Early O-Serie production !!!,less than 30 exist,the earliest no.6 known and "The Earliest" complete original set with 80 Ektar,According to Richard Nordin, 0-Series cameras were planned to be produced from serial number 0001 to 0308, but not all 308 were assembled. Although camera 0308 is the last listed in the ledger, there were at least 39 serial numbers not used, so likely 269 were only assembled. For 153 numbers the entry reads „Utgår“ (taken out of service), indicating they were probably scrapped or in some cases rebuilt with Series 2 mechanisms and serial numbers. Richard Nordin points out, that at most 116 0-Series cameras still exist, but only a few dozen are known to have survived. 

Description : earliest production with chrome winding knob, shutter not work,but all original Type.1 parts.
Remark : W/All Original 1st Case(broken strap),Cap,Dark Slide,
Cosmetic Condition : EX++
Price :