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hkItem Name : Unique Nippon Kogaku Tokyo NIKKOR-Q-C 5cm f3.5 Tokyo Coll. Leica SM
Serial no. : 537881
Reference : most unbelievable engraving mistake ever seen or prototype,no idea why use that never issue serial no. batch, distance scale ring different with #570,#610,#705 batch(#570 & #610 & very early #705 batch very coarse, middle & late #705 batch with 1mm thin step down part above fine finish distance scale ring),this lens distance scale ring with machine lines finish & sharp edge without 1mm thin step down part,no any period version like this, capital letter “O” on NO. similar to #570,batch ,it change to low capital letter “o” in #705 batch
Glass Description : very few very very faint front cleaning marks, very faint layer of dust inside
Remark :
Cosmetic Condition : EX+++
Price : $