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hk<font color="gray">Item Name : </font> <font color="#FF8080">Canon RF SEIKI-KOGAKU J-II with Nikkor 5cm f3.5</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Serial no. : </font> <font color="#FF8080">8379,570416</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Reference : </font> <font color="#FF8080">Extremely Rare !!!,even though approximately 525 Canon J-II cameras had been produced base on serial no. range, but not all the no. in between was use, beside can survive until today much much less(should be less than 100 and only 56 J-II examples had been recorded),this one with very nice chrome finish(1945-46 period chrome plate finish usually very bad, not good as before or after models),most important it come with complete original dark hard paper cover(lack of leather during that time,most J-II can survive by today was replaced with later model leather cover or with incomplete paper cover because paper cover so easy got damage, this example easy be 1 of the best original condition can be find !!!</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Description : </font> <font color="#FF808">all speed working, tiny fungus spot inside finder, winkle curtains,Extremely Early #570416 Nikkor 5cm f3.5 without Q.C marking,glass without cleaning mark,slight internal coating wear,dirty inside internal rear group element,no haze</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Remark : </font> <font color="#FF8080">W/Original Seiki KogakuCase(no strap),Cap(early heavy thick straight edge version)</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Cosmetic Condition : </font> <font color="#FF8080">EX+++</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Price : </font> <font color="#FF8080">$</font>