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Item Name : Very Early 4 digit Leica 1A “Double Arrow Feather” with 50mm f3.5 Elmar
Serial no. : 3557
Reference : Leitz put 'feathered' arrows on the advance and re-wind knobs of Leica 1s for a limited period from late 1926. The majority had three 'feathers' or six if you count each line separately. A limited number had only two (or four) 'feathers' on the advance knob arrow only for some unknown reason. Lars Netopil says that this is a rare variant, only 7 had been recorded 1618,3125,3293,3360,3520, 3557,3564
Description : Extremely Early 4 digit with mushroom shutter release, “Triple Arrow Feather” on rewind knob,but “Double Arrow Feather” on advance knob,all speed moving,don't know how accurate, very nice early vulcanite,50mm Elmar lens without cleaning mark,faint haze inside
Remark : W/Early Leitz Pouch(some wear need repair),Cap
Cosmetic Condition : EX+(touch-up paint on top & bottom)
Price : $