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hk<font color="gray">Item Name : </font> <font color="#FF8080">Perkin-Elmer 12in f4 (T4.26) Leans Head</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Serial no. : </font> <font color="#FF8080">175</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Glass Description : </font> <font color="#FF808">Very Rare !!,cover 4x5in, front cleaning marks, trace of fungus removed marks on edge of 2nd element, faint rear cleaning marks,no haze</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Remark : </font> <font color="#FF8080">no aperture</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Cosmetic Condition : </font> <font color="#FF8080">EX++</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Price : </font> <font color="#FF8080">$</font>