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hk<font color="gray">Item Name : </font> <font color="#FF8080">Russian Kino-Russar-10 28mm f3.5 T3.8 Movie Lens Block</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Serial no.: </font> <font color="#FF8080">644710</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Reference : </font> <font color="#FF8080">Kino-Russar-10 F=28 1:3.5 is the only movie lens in the world designed for dual wide frame shooting,huge coverage, barely cover 6x4.5cm,diagonal image field 2ω=91°20’,MTF performance is top even wide open, see MTF charts where it has ~50 contrast at 40lp/mm at both T3.8 and T5.6,There's gradual resolution fall-off, down to 20lp/mm at 27mm from the center. Notice uneven distortion chart: it is within okay 3% at 30degrees image angle, and then - bum! - skyrockets to 4-5% at the image edge. That is called high order distortions, it is mainly noticeable more towards the image edge. Besides, such a wideangle lens introduce perspective distortion of its own character,Very Rare lens released in small batches. </font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Glass Description : </font> <font color="#FF808">front cleaning marks,faint internal cleaning marks or faint balsam separation (last element in front of aperture blades)</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Remark : </font> <font color="#FF8080"></font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Cosmetic Condition : </font> <font color="#FF8080">EX+</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Price : </font> <font color="#FF8080">$</font>