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hk<font color="gray">Item Name : </font> <font color="#FF8080">PZO (Polskie Zaklady Optyczne,Polish Optical Industries) Poloxer 102mm f11 Aerial Lens</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Serial no. : </font> <font color="#FF8080">42010</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Reference : </font> <font color="#FF8080">Polskie Zaklady Optyczne (PZO) Polish Optical Industries - Polish Optical Works. During the occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany they were taken over by Carl Zeiss Jena. After WWII, PZO became a nationalized company.cover 8x10in,Extremely Rare Hypergon design based on 2 nearly symetrical sharply curved meniscus elements positioned around a central stop, but nowhere close to the 130-140° of the real Goerz Hypergon</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Glass Description : </font> <font color="#FF808">Coated,Fixed f11 aperture,very faint cleaning marks & two 1mm light scratches,no haze, some dust inside</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Remark : </font> <font color="#FF8080">W/Wista Board,Front Rim accept Sinar Copal shutter</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Cosmetic Condition : </font> <font color="#FF8080">EX+++</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Price : </font> <font color="#FF8080">$1500</font>