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Item Name : Copy of Goerz Hypergon 20mm f10 122 degree GFX mount
Serial no. : 3358
Reference : Extremely Rare Extremely wide-angle lenses based on two 15mm diameter nearly symetrical sharply curved meniscus elements positioned around a central stop, don’t know lens maker, but very high resolution, same optical design as Goerz Hypergon 130-140 degree (smallest it’s made 60mm), this one is 20mm 122 degree but with huge coverage (50x65mm),much much bigger coverage than Zeiss 15mm f8 Hologon,use as 16mm on Fuji GFX sensor,very high dynamic range & very high resolution lens
Glass Description : faint front cleaning marks,no haze, some dust inside
Remark :
Cosmetic Condition : EX+++
Price : $