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Item Name : Unqiue Seiki Kogaku SII “J flange” mount with matching “J mount” “Mis-Engraved” Nikkor Q.O 5cm f3.5 Coll.
Serial no : 15368,570790
Description : Very Early production,Extremely Rare J flange set(body less than 100 made !!),with J-II type paper finish !!!,couple missing piece,slow speed sticky,finder clean with contrast, brownish color inside finder,early shiny chrome finish, even rarer with matching extremely rare Nikkor Q.O 5cm f3.5 Coll. Canon J mount, only very few made,and even rarer is with very rare mis-engraved “Q.O” instead of “Q.C”,no cleaning mark or haze,very very faint oxides marks inside 
Remark : W/Early Seiki Case,Cap
Cosmetic Condition : M-(except cover problem)
Price : $