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hk<font color="gray">Item Name : </font> <font color="#FF8080">Cine Mobile 75mm f1.2 (T1.4) SUPER-FAST Movie Lens Arriflex PL mount</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Serial no. : </font> <font color="#FF8080">75003</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Glass Description : </font> <font color="#FF808">Extremely Rare & Super Fast f1.2 (T1.4),huge lens,special order by movie house “CINE MOBILE” in 70’s,don’t know made from which Japanese company (either Kowa or Canon at that time),may be prototype,only few made(so far only 2 known) and this is the 3rd made, blue & purple color coating, cover 8K and Fuji GFX sensor,very very faint cleaning marks,no haze,</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Remark : </font> <font color="#FF8080"></font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Cosmetic Condition : </font> <font color="#FF8080">EX+++</font> <br /> <font color="gray"> Price : </font> <font color="#FF8080">Call</font>